For Pros: Expert Panel Discussion on Virtual Pelvic Health Tomorrow 3/20 at 9PM EST!

Hello my friends,

Wow- what a few weeks it has been! I don’t know about you, but it has felt completely surreal to me. My practice, Southern Pelvic Health, which has been steadily growing and serving people around Atlanta was suddenly put on hold, and many of my patients shifted to working with me in a virtual setting. Now, I know you may be thinking– how can you help people without actually touching them? I hope to expand on this in some future posts, because, honestly, I believe this is where we are going to be for a while (SO, WASH YOUR HANDS, and SOCIALLY DISTANCE, my friends!). But, this is heavy on the minds of pelvic PTs across the country. Thinking– how can we, as a profession, still help the people who need it? Make a difference in their lives? Help people control their bowels & bladder, have better and pain-free sex, live their lives without pelvic pain?

So, this post is for all of you PTs out there asking yourselves that! Earlier this week, I partnered together with some of the smartest, most innovative PTs I know– who are leaders in our field, and ALREADY practicing pelvic health in a virtual setting– and we are hosting a webinar to teach all of you how to do just that! So, join us tomorrow for this important event:


LIVE Webinar Event: FRIDAY 3/20 AT 9PM EST

Copy of Talking Pelvic Health

We are bringing an expert panel together to discuss how best to screen, examine, and treat patients with pelvic floor diagnoses—without actually being able to touch our patients! These experts have been ALREADY DOING THIS, with success, and we are so pleased to bring this to all of you!

Join me, Jessica Reale, PT, DPT, WCS, as I lead a discussion with Antony Lo of the Physio Detective and the Women’s Health Podcast, Sara Reardon- the Vagina Whisperer, Juan Michelle Martin- founder of the Zero to Telehealth Program, Julie Granger- virtual health and biz coach, and Susie Gronski- author and educator. We will discuss:

How to get your ideal clients to see the value in virtual Pelvic PT care and convert in-person clients to virtual clients

How to evaluate, screen, and provide pelvic health treatments without being able to physically touch or be present with clients.

How to effectively help your virtual clients without manual therapy or internal examinations

How to market your services in a growing and busy online market and build a practice that is sustainable in the long run.

Plus, Antony Lo has graciously allowed all participants to receive a BONUS link to a recorded virtual session of one of his clients with diastasis recti!

JOIN US FRIDAY 3/20 at 9p.m. EST! Registration is $49.

Register today! 

Do you have topics you are hoping we discuss? Please let me know and I’ll be happy to bring them into the conversation?

Stay healthy and stay safe my friends. We are all in this together!

~ Jessica

9 thoughts on “For Pros: Expert Panel Discussion on Virtual Pelvic Health Tomorrow 3/20 at 9PM EST!

  1. Hi Jessica , It has been a while I was doing great but age i guess is setting in. I am concerned about when I have a bowel movement and strain the next day my low back is KILLING me. I think my rectele has shifted but now doing anything about that now. I am/was a patient of yours, also feel like i can only have an orgasm on right side if all the stars are aligned? and maybe bladder has fallen/ dropped / thanks and look forward to tonight

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  3. I hate that I missed this!! I had Anisha and her husband over for dinner and wouldn’t have been able to log in. Did this get recorded for later use??

    On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 9:34 PM Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Board-Certified Specialist, Treating Men, Women and Children with Pelvic Floor Dysfuncti

  4. You mention that you treat children. I am struggling to find outcome measures that are available to use in the clinic. I can find articles on PIN=Q and THPQ, but no clean forms that I can access and duplicate for clinical use. What do you use?


    Jean Ligon PT

    1. Hi Jean! I do work with Children. Honestly, I don’t have really great ones I use in terms of outcome measures. I treat a lot of constipation so use the Bristol Stool Scale frequently. I will look into it and see what I find!

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