In the News!

Pelvic PT has gotten some excellent media exposure in the past few years! My goal is to keep this updated as I learn of more great media press out there! For now, check out these articles:

Cosmopolitan Magazine, “Millions of Women are Injured During Childbirth. Why Aren’t Doctors Diagnosing Them?” by Laura Beil

Fox News, “Why Every New Mom Needs Physical Therapy” by Julie Revelant

Greenville News, Interview with Jessica Reale on Nonsurgical Options for Incontinence

Prevention Magazine, “Why it Hurts Down There,” by Sari Harrar, “The French Government Wants to Tone My Vagina,” by Claire Lundberg, “Physical Therapy for Your Lady Parts,” by Corrie Pikul, “It Happened to Me: My Vagina Needed Physical Therapy,” by Ashley Elizabeth

Elle Magazine, Interview with Amy Stein (An excellent Pelvic PT colleague and author of the book, Heal Pelvic Pain.)

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